Tango, Camino, Romeo

I’ve started writing my second book, Tango, Camino, Romeo. It is another memoir and a quest to find love. A spiritual odyssey and roller coaster of an adventure: I walk the Camino to Santiago; travel to Guatemala; and explore the Argentinian tango scene in Buenos Aires.

I have written the first draft of Tango, Camino, Romeo in a quarter of the time it took me to complete My Beautiful Psychosis, thanks to Lockdown 2020.

This is how it starts:

To be honest, I thought tango classes would be a good place to meet men. I had just left my husband and was living in Totnes, a small town in rural Devon, with a limited supply of them. There were three gorgeous goddesses to each and every single man. A ratio some males took advantage of. They claimed to be polyamorous but sleeping with more than one woman at a time is just plain promiscuity. With so many open, loving and boundariless females available, the guys didn’t have to try too hard. So they didn’t.

But is more than just a book about finding love.

If my last memoir is about finding spirituality in madness then this one is about the opposite: finding madness in spirituality. I’m not sure how it ends but even if I did know I wouldn’t tell you, would I?

My Beautiful Psychosis: Making Sense of Madness is published by Aeon Books and is now available on Audible as a Audiobook.

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