The Benefits of Vlogging: Tango VLOG in Buenos Aires.

I’m super excited to share my FIRST EVER VLOG with you all! The benefits of Vlogging have already surprised me beyond expectation.

Equipped with only a GoPro and an old mobile phone, it shows you don’t need to spend a fortune on kit to tell a good story. My First Vlog in Buenos Aires is an introduction—a little background on my unusual childhood as well as a taste of my life here in Buenos Aires.

Vlogging combines my award winning filmmaking with my passion for tango as well as promoting my new book Tango, Camino Romeo. As an author, I have the privilege of being able to use my extensive experience Directing television documentaries as well as producing shorter films for my award winning production company Green Lane Films.

Vlogging keeps my creative juices flowing while Green Lane Films is dormant. I have committed to posting a film every week which pushes me enough to keep me on my toes. Filming the world around me and my interaction with it makes me see from a slightly different perspective. I’m always looking to see if there is something worth shooting. Using a GoPro and phone camera means that I always have something in my pocket to film with.

The Benefits of Vlogging

Seeing myself on video is also a bit of a process. I noticed how self critical I was. I didn’t like it when the camera was looking up at my nose for example. But I decided not to remove any shots of myself that I didn’t like and this has actually made me love myself more. I no longer care how I look as I aspire to be authentic, entertaining and inspiring.

Vlogging is art therapy! The benefits of Vlogging just keep on giving.

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My debut memoir My Beautiful Psychosis: Making Sense of Madness is published by Aeon Books and is now available on Audible as a Audiobook.


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