In Case Of Spiritual Emergency Book by Catherine G Lucas

Catherine G Lucas, co-founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network UK published her first book In Case Of Spiritual Emergency, which validates non ordinary states of consciousness. Transpersonal experiences are usually pathologised by the mental health system. Catherine’s book is an essential read for anyone who has been through a transformational crisis, especially if this has been seen as a psychosis by mental health professionals.

Catherine has drawn upon her own personal experience as well as asking others to write about theirs as part of the research for the book. Extracts from my story, which became My Beautiful Psychosis, feature in Catherine’s book and I was invited me to be part of the Book Launch.

At the Book Launch, Catherine interviewed me about some of my experiences. I talked to her about seeing ancestral spirits, seeing auras, having past life experiences, losing my ego and feeling a oneness and connection with all beings.

My favourite chapter in the book was the one about modern mystics. Catherine describes the spiritual emergence of both Amma and Eckhart Tolle. To be included in the same book as these two, going through the same process of spiritual emergency was incredibly validating. Having been through the psychiatric system, my experiences are not viewed as healthy or useful but reading In Case If Spiritual Emergency was a powerful validation process. It’s also a great book to buy for your family and friends on your care team.

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Validating your experiences is an essential part of the healing process. Psychosis is a terrifying and difficult state to deal with. If we see it in a more positive light, as a way for the unconscious to be made conscious, we are able to appreciate the opportunity in it. Psychosis throws up all of the undigested psychological material that we have buried away. Once we awaken, all of this comes up to the surface to be freed. There is no point in seeing the light if we don’t then shine that upon the darkness.

But most people, including the medical professionals, want it to go away. Whilst drugs play their part in helping stabilise sleep patterns, they should not be the only thing we use as treatment. Unfortunately that is where our system of health care is currently at. That is why it is essential that we each take responsibility for our own healing.

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