Emma Goude

Emma Goude is an international award winning documentary filmmaker, emerging from behind the camera to tell her own story. My Beautiful Psychosis is being published by Aeon Books later this year.

Emma has written My Beautiful Psychosis, to change the perception of psychosis as debilitating illness. The book questions conventional methods of ‘treating’ psychosis and points towards a radical vision where ‘diagnosis’ of mental illness makes allowances for spiritual growth and transformation rather than simply treating a perceived chemical imbalance in the brain. Emma hopes that sharing her story will inspire others, improve attitudes and ultimately contribute to a better system of care.

Here’s the opening paragraph:

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Emma is currently living in Buenos Aires where she is writing her second book, It Takes Two. Another roller coaster of an adventure, this memoir is about finding love: she walks the Camino; loses a best friend to cancer; moves to Guatemala with a South African; then dances tango in Buenos Aires. Sign up to join Emma on her journey.

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