My First Vlog

My First Vlog in Buenos Aires

I’m very excited to share my new Vlog with you! It combines my award winning filmmaking skills with my passion for tango as well as promoting my books. It is beautifully imperfect as I’m not used to being in front of the camera and it is also logistically difficult to film myself. I have only brought my GoPro and mobile… Read more →

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spiritual emergence

Psychosis or Spiritual Emergence Process

I still haven’t come to any clear conclusion about when a spiritual emergence becomes a psychosis or vice versa. But it was Stansilov Grof’s work that originally helped me look at my own experience from a different perspective. I definitely have spiritual experiences that are either ignored or pathologised by the mental health services and this is a form of… Read more →

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What A Psychic Predicted About My Writing

Eight years ago I went to see a psychic. Don’t judge me. I needed some reassurance at the time. This is what the psychic medium Dorothy Chitty said: I started writing when I was first discharged from hospital way back in 1996. But, like psychic Dorothy said, I put it aside. It sounded self pitying and nothing I could feel… Read more →

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My Beautiful Psychosis Needs You!

Click on this link to go straight to the Crowdfunding Campaign. I have written ‘My Beautiful Psychosis’ to help change perceptions and de-stigmatise psychosis. It is due for publication on World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2019. I want it to go as far and as wide as possible. An eye catching book cover is essential to achieve this.… Read more →

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Why Its Better To Have Schizophrenia In A Developing Country

This is the image that greets me when I walk into Hospital Rivadavia in Buenos Aires to see a psychologist called Delfina. Delfina means dolphin, which is my power animal. I’ve never been offered a talking therapy in the UK and when I asked if it was possible to see a psychotherapist, I was told, ‘No’ and put on a… Read more →

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What Psychosis Is Really Like

Fellow filmmaker, Dean Puckett, interviewed me as part of his research for a script. The result is this frank conversation about what it is like to experience psychosis. I’ve broken it down into bite sized chunks so go ahead and choose a topic or click here to listen to the full interview. Share this post with your friends! Read more →

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In Case Of Spiritual Emergency: Book Launch Webinar

Catherine G Lucas’ book In Case Of Spiritual Emergency is an essential read for anyone who has been through a transformational crisis. Transpersonal experiences often get pathologised by the mental health system, but this book validates them. In this webinar I talk about some of my experiences: including seeing ancestral spirits, seeing auras, having past life experiences, losing my ego… Read more →

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Should I Sign A Hybrid Publishing Deal?

Hybrid publishing is controversial. My memoir My Beautiful Psychosis; Making Sense of Madness has been offered three publishing deals. I not jumping up and down with glee because they are hybrid publishing deals. What is hybrid publishing? In traditional publishing the writer gets an advance and receives a small percentage of the book’s profit. A traditional publisher pays the author… Read more →

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Why You Don’t Have A Brain Chemical Imbalance

Robert Whitaker is a medical journalist who used to write articles about the brain chemical imbalance theory, believing it to be true. When the World Health Organisation claimed that living in a developed country was a strong predictor of a poor outcome for those diagnosed with schizophrenia he wanted to know why. Why, if you’re diagnosed with schizophrenia, are you… Read more →

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