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How to Find a Title for Your Memoir

Play the game, below, to find a title for your memoir. I knew the title of my first memoir, My Beautiful Psychosis, before I started writing it. I didn’t even have to think of one because it just came to me and stuck. It contained the word ‘psychosis’ which is especially useful for improving SEO. It also surprises people with… Read more →

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The Secret to Being an Amazon Best Seller

What is the Secret to being an Amazon Best Seller – without spending ANY money or doing ANY extra promotional work? First you need a well written book that has a good title and an eye catching cover…obviously. Once you have that… …the SECRET is to put it in the RIGHT category. By ‘right’ I don’t mean the most appropriate… Read more →

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A Book About Love

Tango, Camino, Romeo

I’ve started writing my second book, Tango, Camino, Romeo. It is another memoir and a quest to find love. A spiritual odyssey and roller coaster of an adventure: I walk the Camino to Santiago; travel to Guatemala; and explore the Argentinian tango scene in Buenos Aires. I have written the first draft of Tango, Camino, Romeo in a quarter of… Read more →

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spiritual emergence

Is Psychosis Really a Spiritual Emergence Process?

Stansilov and Christina Grof coined the term Spiritual Emergency: when a spiritual emergence becomes too intense and becomes an emergency. They founded the Spiritual Emergence Network and their books The Stormy Search for the Self and Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis certainly validated my own spiritual experiences that were diagnosed as ‘psychosis’ by the medical profession. But is… Read more →

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What A Psychic Predicted About My Writing

Eight years ago I went to see a psychic. Don’t judge me. I needed some reassurance at the time. This is what the psychic medium Dorothy Chitty said: I started writing when I was first discharged from hospital way back in 1996. But, like psychic Dorothy said, I put it aside. It sounded self pitying and nothing I could feel… Read more →

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My Beautiful Psychosis Needs You!

Click on this link to go straight to the Crowdfunding Campaign. I have written ‘My Beautiful Psychosis’ to help change perceptions and de-stigmatise psychosis. It is due for publication on World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2019. I want it to go as far and as wide as possible. An eye catching book cover is essential to achieve this.… Read more →

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Are Schizophrenia Outcomes Better in Developing Countries?

Award winning medical journalist and author of Anatomy of an Epidemic and Mad In America, Robert Whitaker, became curious when he read about two World Health Organisation studies that showed longer-term outcomes for schizophrenia patients in three “developing” countries were much better than six “developed” countries. Despite limited resources how was it that outcomes for schizophrenia in places like India… Read more →

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What Psychosis Is Really Like

Fellow filmmaker, Dean Puckett, interviewed me as part of his research for a script. The result is this frank conversation about what it is like to experience psychosis. I’ve broken it down into bite sized chunks so go ahead and choose a topic or click here to listen to the full interview. My debut memoir My Beautiful Psychosis: Making Sense… Read more →

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