Grounding In Quarantine

Living in an apartment, in a concreted city, with strict Argentinian lockdown restrictions, makes grounding in quarantine difficult.

Since Lockdown was declared in Argentina, on 20th March, I’ve been unable to get to sleep. My nervous system has kicked in and is ready to fight or run. Neither of which is necessary right now. I need it to settle, rest and digest, so that I can switch off and get to sleep at night.

In this Vlog, I break out of quarantine, in search of a way to ground myself.

When I talk about grounding, I’m talking about connecting my energy, or chi, to that of the ground beneath me. This is actually just a form of relaxation. If your muscles are relaxed then you are grounded. But tension holds the body’s energy away from its surroundings, including the earth.

It is possible to ground without using the actual ground but, for me, with my nervous system activated, I find it very difficult. Touching the ground, or a tree that is rooted in the ground, helps me because my body naturally aligns with it, unconsciously. I don’t have to do anything. Grounding just happens, as if by osmosis.

Normally I go to the park every day for the purposes of earthing, which is an entirely different thing. But I’m not going to explain that now because I will cover this topic in another Vlog.

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