Lockdown Declared In Argentina

With only 128 active cases of coronavirus Argentina declared lockdown would commence on 20th March.

A policed enforced nationwide quarantine has come early, activating my nervous system. I was confused about exactly when it was going to start -thinking that midnight 20th March meant at the end of the day rather than the start of it.

I also didn’t know that we would be allowed out to buy food until I texted my friend to find out exactly what was happening. I had only shopped that day for my basic needs and didn’t have enough to last me until the end of the month. But luckily we are allowed out to buy our basic necessities.

This triggered mild symptoms of psychosis for me and taking care of myself in isolation became a priority. I’m feeling much better now and I have since started watching local Argentinian TV so as to keep better informed.

Argentina has declared lockdown at this early stage in order to avoid what has been happening in Europe. The country is already economically stretched with the currency devaluing and huge pressure on its health system would be a national disaster. Quarantine has now been extended until 15th April.

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