Approaching Lockdown In Argentina

The situation changed daily as we approached lockdown in Argentina. Flights from Europe and the US ceased. The British Ambassador urged all British Nationals to return to the UK.

The atmosphere in the city felt different: queues formed outside of pharmacies and supermarkets so as to limit the number of people inside.

Shelves emptied, which took me by surprise as there were only about 100 cases, to date, in Argentina. Men talked to their wives on the phone, following instructions on what to buy, a team effort. People seemed to be getting ready for the apocalypse.

I pictured a future where the all the shelves were empty and men were fighting for supplies. I was a woman, a foreigner at that, on my own in a city in which essentially I didn’t belong.

People were suspicious that I was a Coronavirus carrier because I was from England. It all got too much and I had a meltdown.

I have a history of psychosis and this puts me in a vulnerable position. Lockdown in Argentina has come much sooner than I thought. With hindsight I felt it coming. My meltdown was a response to the fear based behaviour I was witnessing on the streets.

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