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Filmmaker and author, I came here to tell a story.

Having been through the psychiatric system more times than I would have liked, I am compelled to share my story.

My Beautiful Psychosis: Making Sense of Madness, published by Aeon Books is my debut memoir. I believe story has the power to inspire, transform and heal.


BBC Background

I started my career at the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol in 1995. I believed documentaries had the power to inspire positive change in the world. My degree was in English and Psychology so I learned filmmaking on the job. I went on to Direct films for Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet and Channel 5.

Alternative Therapy

After a second psychotic episode, I decided to explore what was ‘wrong with me’ so I re-trained as a Shiatsu Therapist. In actual fact, I discovered what was ‘right with me’ and developed the self awareness and emotional intelligence to take better care of myself.

Award Winning Production Company

I moved to Totnes, Devon, in 2008 where I Directed In Trantition (and In Transition 2) for the Transition Network. These films have had hundreds of thousands of views and catalysed many other Transition Initiatives around the world. I started Green Lane Films because I wanted to help other change makers get their message out into the world. Green Lane Films won Best Online Production Company in 2018. My own film, Take Their Love, won two awards including Best Films at the ALIVE International Film Festival 2017.

Filming Open Dialogue

The NHS commissioned Green Lane Films to document their Open Dialogue training, which is a radical new approach to mental health that developed in Finland. It is this approach that I advocate for at the end of My Beautiful Psychosis.

My Next Book

I am currently living in Buenos Aires where I am following my passion for dancing tango and writing my next book, Tango, Camino, Romeo. It is a travel adventure and love quest all wrapped up in a spiritual odyssey.

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