Emma Goude Emma Goude is an international multi award winning documentary filmmaker who uses the power of story to inspire others.

Stories have the power to expand our minds, touch our hearts and transform us and she has a story to tell.

Edgy, immediate and contemporary, My Beautiful Psychosis is a powerful, honest and lucid mental health memoir that details a series of so-called ‘psychotic’ episodes which take place over two decades.

With multiple hospitalisations on psychiatric wards, it exposes the limitations of mental health care today and gives us a new perspective that puts the power firmly back into the hands of the patient.

Emma was an atheist, a sceptical cynic who chose dope over God, so when she has unusual, spiritual experiences, she’s not entirely sure if she’s delusional. Five nights of no sleep catapults her into another dimension where she experiences past lives, sees auras, accesses her unconscious and hears a voice. The psychiatric system has forgotten that ‘psyche’ means soul. All they know about is medication. And they have ways of making her take it. It becomes a game she has to play in order to get out of hospital. It’s also a perception of herself she must do battle with to stand strong in her belief: that the spiritual experiences are REAL

Emma gets caught up in the new age and some unhelpful practices that only serve to send mher over the edge. Seeing her experiences from a spiritual perspective does nothing to lessen their occurrence. Eventually she learns to close the door to the other world and finds tools to ground her awareness in this realm.

Through marriage, divorce and other relationships, it’s also a story about love and the search for health and happiness. It is pacy, raw and vulnerable, spiritual but funny and turns on its head the idea that psychosis is a debilitating illness, caused by a brain chemical imbalance, which requires medication for life.

This book acts as a beacon of light for others to reclaim the power of their own innate healing potential.

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