Category: Writing Process

First Draft Is Finished

I wrote the last sentence of my book this morning.  Whoop whoop!  High Five!  Backflips all round… Over two years of discipline and commitment, not to mention the amount of wading through the quagmire of my sabotaging mind.  My confidence in my writing has increased with the help of some critique from Elizabeth Diamond. I sent her another 20,000 words recently but… Read more →

Prioritising Commitment Procrastinating and Writer’s Block

Prioritising the mornings for writing and moving other work commitments to the afternoon feels really good.  When I let it slip the mental chatter sets off an unease in my belly. When  I hit a patch of procrastinating it ranges from reaching into the fridge to watching a short motivational video to working on something else completely. Eventually I get… Read more →

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