My Beautiful Psychosis Needs You!

Click on this link to go straight to the Crowdfunding Campaign.

I have written ‘My Beautiful Psychosis’ to help change perceptions and de-stigmatise psychosis. It is due for publication on World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2019. I want it to go as far and as wide as possible. An eye catching book cover is essential to achieve this. This is the image I have been using:

I have already spent £2500 on making sure it is the best writing I can produce. Now I have run out of funds but still need £500 to pay an artist called Naiom for the use of her work ‘Straight Jacket’ for the cover. I think the image is perfect: the wild hair says ‘beautiful’ and the straight jacket says ‘psychosis’.

I would really appreciate any support you can give. Your money will not only ensure the cover is amazing, it will touch me deeply to know that you believe in me and my story. Thank you!

Click on this link to go to the Crowdfunding Campaign

My debut memoir My Beautiful Psychosis: Making Sense of Madness is published by Aeon Books and is now available on Audible as a Audiobook.

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