In Case Of Spiritual Emergency: Book Launch

Catherine G Lucas is the Founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network UK. Her book In Case Of Spiritual Emergency is an essential read for anyone who has been through a transformational crisis. Transpersonal experiences are usually pathologised by the mental health system but this book validates them.

Extracts from my story, among others, feature in In Case of Spiritual Emergency. Catherine invited me for an interview at her Book Launch. I talk about some of my experiences: including seeing ancestral spirits, seeing auras, having past life experiences, losing my ego and feeling a oneness and connection with all beings. I also access parts of my unconscious that are not usually available to me.

My favourite chapter of In Case of Spiritual Emergency was the one about modern mystics. Catherine describes the spiritual emergence of both Amma and Eckhart Tolle. To be included in the same book as these two, going through the same process of spiritual emergency was incredibly validating. Having been through the psychiatric system, my experiences are not viewed as healthy or useful but reading In Case If Spiritual Emergency was a powerful validation process. It’s also a great book to buy for your family and friends on your care team.

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