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Emma GoudeSo I’ve written a book.  It was a hard slog showing up every day with a gaping chasm of a blank page staring at me. And spending ages hacking away at sentences to get them just right. Not to mention the years of getting the whole tone and voice right. So after nearly 19 years of putting it back on the shelf and dusting it off to give it another go – I actually made a commitment. And that made all the difference. I committed to being at my laptop even when it was the last thing I felt like doing. I clicked away a million times to look at all the distracting videos on Facebook. I fantasised about having the perfect little cabin to write in. But when I found it, I dreaded going there because I was so stuck. I agreed to write for only 5 minutes a day. I’d heard of an author who wrote a novel in record time by committing to only writing one sentence a day. Of course that is never enough and my 5 minutes turned into half an hour until eventually two hours was easy. At first I just scribbled anything on a piece of paper so as to complete my 5 minutes.

My breakthrough came when I wrote in the present tense. I decided I would write the best description I could of insomnia so that other insomniacs would read it and go ‘fuck yeah that’s just what it’s like’.  And that’s how I found the narrative voice. My narrative voice does not have the luxury of hindsight because it’s describing what’s happening RIGHT NOW. This means I can’t offer the reader any comfort that it’s all going to be OK.

I’m really proud of this book – it is my greatest creative achievement EVER! Try writing one and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Everyone has a book inside them that they’re going to write one day…when they’ve got time or money… What makes a successful writer is simply writing – and keeping writing until you’ve finished writing. Completion is success.

But it’s not done until it’s out in the world for others to read. So I now need a publisher and that means a platform and that means people need to know about it. I have over 800 friends. How many people could I reach if you all shared this post on and said something about my story or how you know me or whatever you like. There are so many people out there who would find my book inspiring and moving as well as an unputdownable damn good read. So please celebrate with me by sharing this post and writing a little something to go with it. And of course INVITE people to like my Facebook Page

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