First Draft Of My Memoir Is Finished

I wrote the last sentence of my book this morning.  Whoop whoop! High Five!  Backflips all round…

High FiveOver two years of discipline and commitment, not to mention the amount of wading through the quagmire of my sabotaging mind.  My confidence in my writing has increased with the help of some critique from Elizabeth Diamond. I sent her another 20,000 words recently but I’m guessing she didn’t receive the email because I haven’t heard from her. It felt entirely appropriate as I realised I now feel able to see the obvious improvements myself.

What now?

I’m heading off on a 500 mile pilgrimage, walking the Camino Francés to Santiago de Compostella. I am quite literally walking away from the story of myself.  There’s no knowing how this will change me but my intention is to take 40 days and nights and return in October and spend the rest of the year editing the book. I’m looking forward to crafting the manuscript into a polished work that’s good enough for publication.

I have set myself a creative challenge to capture each day of this journey with one Instagram image and three words.  So if you want to join me I’ll be here:

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