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My Beautiful Psychosis: Making Sense of Madness

booksMy Beautiful Psychosis: Making Sense of Madness is a stunning debut memoir from international award winning documentary filmmaker, Emma Goude. Published by Aeon Books, it is a gritty tale of transformation depicting, from the inside, some of the most powerful experiences a human mind can endure. It turns on its head the idea that psychosis is a debilitating illness, caused by a brain chemical imbalance, which requires medication for life. It is an intense, honest and lucid memoir, an exposing and vulnerable adventure through a psyche that is spilling out undigested psychological material to reveal secrets that have been forgotten. 

My Beautiful Psychosis: Making Sense of Madness questions conventional methods of treating psychosis and points towards a radical vision where diagnosis of mental illness makes allowances for spiritual growth and transformation rather than simply treating a perceived brain chemical imbalance.

What if psychosis is really a wake up call?

With a Foreword by Dr. Russell Razzaque, Consultant Psychiatrist, author of Breaking Down Is Waking Up and founder of Peer Supported Open Dialogue.

From the first page I was hooked.’ Dr. Russell Razzaque, author and Consultant Psychiatrist.

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Edgy, immediate and contemporary” Elizabeth Diamond, author.


I was taken by her authenticity and vulnerability.” Phil Borges, Director Crazywise.


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Tango, Camino, Romeo


I am currently writing my next book Tango, Camino Romeo which is also a memoir.

I set out to walk the 500 mile Camino to Santiago de Compostela on a quest to find love. I do find it, but not in the way I was expecting.

I really want to find it in a romantic relationship so my quest continues to Guatemala with a South African and then Buenos Aires to dance tango. I fall in love with an Argentinian but through the tango, I realise I need to first heal the wounds of the past.

Tango, Camino, Romeo is a travel adventure and love quest all wrapped up in a spiritual odyssey.

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